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So I have unintentionally become a jack of all trades, spending way too long trying to "find my place," but I landed on training and instructional design in 2012 after hating the hours of marketing and hating even more the paycheck of graphic design. 

Spending most my career in software/SaaS (software as a service) training for corporate powerhouses like eBay, Epsilon, and Salesforce, I've made a name for myself with my blending of graphic and marketing expertise into training. This has meant putting together branding guidelines, styles, revamping the look and feel of everything we do and coming up with plans on how to execute that across multiple content creators...on top of, of course, creating content of my own.

Outside of all the fun work stuff, I live in Loveland, Colorado with my amazing fiancee Samantha, adorable, yet obnoxious corgi Hazel, and "quiet, but obviously plotting something" cat Luna. I am a huge hockey (Go Avs!), movie, and gaming nerd, but probably an even bigger craft beer nerd (it's really easy in Colorado...). I pretty much love talking about anything (I'm a trainer...loving your own voice is a job requirement, I feel) and if we can do over beer on a rooftop somewhere, well that's pretty much my paradise.


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