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Spiceworks Process Training

About This Project

For a number of years, Spiceworks's affiliate email program took an incredible amount of time and resources to deliver what the client felt should have been more automatic with our email marketing platform. I was tasked with not only working with teams to develop a solution to this problem, but also train the Spiceworks staff in a new process and create a train-the-trainer program for their new associates. 

As the middle man, I was not only a trainer, but a change manager, finding a balance between our solution and their ability to execute with their current resources. This month-long effort culminated two virtual multi-day training sessions: one to train on the process we landed on and another train-the-trainer.

Key Challenges

The temperature with the client was incredibly high and their contract was nearing its end. We needed to deliver very fast to an organization that was all but done with our platform. Add to that we were trying to influence a dramatic process change that had been in place for nearly three years.



Type: Virtual ILT

Client: Spiceworks

Tools Used: WebEx, Powerpoint


Training and change management efforts directly led to a two-year renewal of a contract that was originally given a verbal termination.

The client was to able to cut down the effort of their campaign from 4-5 full-time resources to 2.

The Approach

I needed to instill confidence in the platform which, in this case, meant showing off my execution of their needs with the solution we devised and selling them on the concept after. We leveraged a rather complex out-of-the-box feature, but because of temperature, my first training was a very direct "here is how to use what we built for you." We saved the basic understanding of that feature for the train-the-trainer session two weeks later, with the intent of discussing expansion and future-proofing when tensions calmed.

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