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Walgreens Client Onboarding

About This Project

Walgreens was relaunching their Balance Rewards loyalty program on our platform. The relationship was our company handled a majority of the setup and execution, Walgreens would adjust various deals on the fly once the solution was implemented.


My task was to deliver technical training to our database and software engineers, detailed user training to our client support team, and then follow up with a very tailored client-facing training, covering only the tasks they were responsible for.

Outcome was a 4-day live training internally with a 1-day client training post-launch.

Key Challenges

To save on budget, the internal live training included both the technical delivery team and the post-launch client support team. Additionally, as the platform setup wasn't completed for Walgreens, demoing use cases had to be done in real-time as the team learned more about the platform's capabilities and applied them to their client's needs while in the room.



Type: In-person Internal User Training and Technical Training, Virtual External User Training

Client: Walgreens

Tools Used: Powerpoint, WebEx


Successful launch of the Walgreens rewards program on our loyalty platform.

We also set up the client team for their own success in adding new deals and adjusting promotions as needed.

The Approach

I had to get creative with the schedule of training. With technical and client teams in the room, many modules didn't apply to half my audience at a given time. I modularized the agenda for those individuals to leave training during topics that didn't apply to them, but also developed quick catch-up modules that provided some context to the conversation. For example, if we talked about core database tables, I would quickly show off in the platform what those tables affected so everyone could engage.

After training the internal team, I worked with them develop specific use cases to do a one-day hands on training with Walgreens for. Given they had the internal team to work with for bigger projects, my focus was JUST on their day-to-day, which included a lot of specific examples and practice exercises.

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