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American Airlines eSummary Process Training

About This Project

American Airlines had a problem. A once-a-month email campaign was taking 2 full-time resources to put together. Using my in-depth product knowledge, I was tasked with working with their production team to understand the current workflow and devise, then train on, a way to cut that resource need down as much as I could.

To add to the complexity, I needed to train other members of the American Airlines staff whatever process we came up with so they can have more than two SMEs on a campaign that reached upwards of 15 million people on a regular basis.

I delivered a two-day live training to a total of 8 people, with hands-on one-on-one workshops while I was onsite. To their surprise, I was able to cut the need from 2 FTEs down to a quarter of a single resource.

Key Challenges

Similar to Spiceworks, the challenge came from a large number of business partnerships and an inefficient process that had been in place for years. To make matters worse, AA had worked with numerous team members on our side that just accepted there was no better solution, so there wasn't a lot of optimism when I entered the mix.



Type: In-person External Training, a blend of working session, and one-on-one TTT.

Client: American Airlines

Tools Used: Powerpoint and a lot of white board space...


American Airlines was able to cut down the necessary resources for this campaign from 2 FTEs to .25 FTEs. Additionally, they could easily add any new associate to the campaign creation process as part of a train-the-trainer program we conducted.

The Approach

From a training perspective, the sell was important. There wasn't any optimism so I had to train our client support team first to get allies to support me when I presented to American. Instead of a typical training, I settled for half-training, half-working session, timing my presentation with a key time in their process so I could execute in real-time and have the team ask questions as I, quite literally, did their jobs in front of them. As part of my time, I also did one-on-one working sessions with the 2 FTE resources that served as train-the-trainer, given the others I trained were new to the entire campaign, let alone the tools used to deliver it.

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