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Training is Fontaneous

Whether you like or not, fonts set a tone, and setting it improperly can do damage to the flow of your content. Just because something is legible doesn't always mean that it fits what you're discussing. In this episode, I talk about the personality of fonts and provide some key questions to ask when choosing one. If you want to get a little insight into how I put font combinations together and identify personality and style, check out some of the examples below of headline/body text combinations I came up with, and what I might use them for. Keep scrolling for some resources on where to find great, free-to-use fonts as well.

Fjalla One / Baskerville Old Face

Stencil / Barlow Condensed

Gill Sans Ultra Bold / Dosis

Showcard Gothic / Century Gothic

Free Font Websites

Adobe Typekit (if you have a subscription with Adobe) - A great resource with thousands of fonts at your disposal, as long as you maintain a subscription with Adobe. That could be through a monthly Photoshop or InDesign subscription, or Creative Cloud. Any sub works here.

FontSpace - Boasting over 68,000 free fonts, this site also has a generator so you can type in your own text and see how it looks in various fonts. A handy tool before you commit to a download.

FontSquirrel - Mostly a curation website, so many of their downloads are offsite, but they have great filtering features and a very comprehensive list to search through.

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