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ProRN Network Solutions Video

About This Project

As part of a sample project creation, I was provided with the steps for a complete bed bath and was asked to outline my approach and create a video going over some of the process.

With over 20 steps to complete, and processes within those steps, my approach was a four-video series that split up this task into Preparation, Frontal body washing, Back body washing, and Finishing up. 

Key Challenges

There were no supporting assets outside of the provided Word document of steps, so I had to find my own supporting imagery. Given this was merely a sample, I could leverage the internet comfortably, but that would be the norm in the final project.



Type: eLearning

Client: ProRN Network Solutions

Tools Used: Camtasia, Adobe Photoshop


Moved to a short list of content creators for a much larger elearning development effort.

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