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Salesforce App's Claims Foundations

About This Project

A platform on Salesforce's appExchange had a new, large release focusing on managing insurance claims, and needed to educate engineers and developers on it. To kick it off, I developed an introduction to the Claims process as it was respected by the app. 

The goal was to show off the stages in an insurance claim to provide context to the tools that were developed to aid claims adjusters in their efforts. This was the first step of a much larger training going deeper into the platform.

Key Challenges

One of the biggest struggles was where does this video fit in the overall training plan? Where our main audience likely had never worked with insurance claims before, this was to be included in training for people who also might have been experts in the industry. 

Additionally, as the overall training was more technical in nature, this was a hard sell to leaders who were hoping to jump right in talking about the platform.



Type: eLearning

Client: Salesforce

Tools Used: Camtasia, and ultimately Articulate Rise

This style of video was actually new to the organization, and sparked an entire series of similar videos about other verticals, produced in partnership with product marketing to introduce new employees and sales teams to "the world we live in." Within a week of this video's launch, I was asked to create a similar one for the insurance industry as a whole.

The Approach

As a foundational course, my philosophy is to leave no knowledge gap unfilled. If I'm worried the audience might already know the information, then keep it short and sweet, and that's the balance that I tried to find here. A five-minute one-off was much easier to sell leadership than an entire learning path.


Knowing the platform was the entirety of the foundational series, I also made sure in this video to not mention it, as it didn't fit the goals of THIS training. If you were truly new to everything, I wanted to avoid the endless line of questioning that would come from showing you an entire new process and a complex platform supporting that process as my opening move.

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